Monday, May 11, 2015

Quiet conversation in the common area.  Dogs barking outside.  The thankful hum of window air conditioners…it’s 10pm in Haiti, and our team is tired, but thankful.

It’s been a long day—up at 2:00am for many of us, to rendezvous at the airport and begin the journey to Haiti.  We hail from the geographic extremes of our company—Canada, Pittsburgh, and Texas, with some Minnesota and Wisconsin mixed in for good measure.

We got to Haiti in the late afternoon, and were greeted by a busy airport throng of folks.  Noisy, hot, and a bit on the chaotic side.  We made it through the crowds to the Tap-Tap, which is what our transportation is called, maybe because people would “tap tap” on a similar vehicle if they wanted to get on or off?  It’s part van/part truck/part trolley/part cage, and all bumpy and loud as we navigate the busy streets that seem to have minimal traffic control.

We arrived at the Healing Haiti compound around 4:30pm, unloaded our suitcases, and had our first meal together as a group.  We spent time going around, sharing bits of who we are with one another.  Plenty of laughs, some deep thoughts shared as well, and a collective appreciation that we can be on an experience like this together—with the backing of our company and the encouragement of our colleagues.

After dinner and dishes, most of the group went for a swim.  Yes, it stays hot even into the night here (back to thankful for the hum of window A/C)…Then we unloaded supplies and re-organized them for the days to come.  Tomorrow, our immersion into the realities of life and service in Haiti will be upon us.  Tonight?  Some much-needed rest.
John O

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