Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 6 Bell/Alamco Healing Haiti Trip - Grace Village & Whaoo Bay

May 16th, 2015

Grace Village & Wahoo Bay

We have definitely toned down the intensity of our visit with a day of fun in the sun.  The day once again began with a fabulous breakfast prepared by two wonderful kitchen staff ladies who have been with us all week.  We’ve been treated so wonderfully by the Healing Haiti Haitian staff.   Our first stop of the day was to go to Grace Village to spend some time with the orphans and help out with chores.  The team had a great time.  The connection with the kids has been the highlight of the trip and it is evident that all the team would have liked to have spent more time with each one of kids.  The children love the interaction and their smiles brought joy to all of our hearts.  Oh how we wished we could have taken these kids to the beach with us.  Since the Grace Village orphans go on a rotation, we were not allowed to take them to the beach this week.

After our visit at Grace Village, we hopped into the tap-tap and invited Claudia and Kiki who are the long term missionaries at Grace Village and went up to Wahoo Bay, which is about 45 minutes NW of Grace Village.  This was a blessing and a great time to wind down our trip.  The team has done such a great job of being present and taking in all of Haiti with its sights, smells and sense of warm love.  The beach was a great way to cap off the week.  Some people snorkeled and others just lounged and relaxed.  Some enjoyed fresh crab and conch.  After an emotional and physical draining week, it was great to have a chance to wind down with this relaxation.  Haiti to it’s core is a beautiful country with beautiful people, and we definitely had a chance to see this beauty in one beach Haiti had to offer.

After the beach we headed back to Grace Village to drop Claudia and Kiki off.  It seems like the tap-tap has been our necessary evil this week.  We needed it to get to the places we went to, however, it was a rough ride on every trip.  I think that a lot of people will be thankful for their own vehicles and roads when we get back home.  We arrived to the guest house and a spaghetti dinner was already prepared for us.  We all have thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality of the guest house workers and are very thankful to have meals prepared after our days out on the tap-tap.

The word of the day was again a mixed bag of thoughts and we were all supportive and understanding of each other’s words.  I’ve always believed that this trip is an ultimate team builder.  The general consensus of the night was how thankful we were to have this experience with each other and get to know one another.  There was a lot of love, admiration and respect shown toward one another and that was AWESOME (Sue’s word of the day)  J.   

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