Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 5 Bell/Alamco Healing Haiti trip - Einstien Bowl, General Hospital, Laloo Orphanage

Today started out early going to church at 5:15 am.  The service really caught my attention as it was unbelievably powerful.  I couldn’t understand much as they spoke in creole, but what little I did understand was attention-grabbing.  This was like a traditional church on steroids, highly emotional with lots of loud praise to God.   What stood out was the preacher talking about a “miracle”, and that a miracle WILL HAPPEN!  It was delivered in a very powerful, forceful tone, and stuck with me all day.  The next stop was the General Hospital that was hard to enter.  The first child had a flesh eating illness that the doctors didn’t understand.  We entered and there other extremely sick children.  We were handed 1 cup small bags of water to deliver to all the babies’ cribs.  Each crib was allowed two.  The hospital is not yet completed and we pray that the $83 million dollars of funds raised will complete the project.  We then drove to the Laloo Orphanage.  We brought 2 soccer balls and beads for the children to make necklaces and bracelets.  I played soccer outside with the boys.  I felt overwhelmed with joy that they were enjoying it so much.  I took a break to get a drink of water and noticed a little girl peeking around the corner watching me.  I tried to talk to her and make her smile, but she fought back the smile.  I tried then to get her to play soccer, but she shied her head away.   A little later she came up to me with her head down, and peered up to me and I brought her up to my shoulders.  She laughed and her soft voice told me her name which I could barely hear.  I felt like I was drawn to her to make her smile, and she finally gave in to me.  Even when I set her down as others wanted to be on my lap, she now wanted only to be on my lap.  This was a moment I felt great love. 

Keith H

Today was an amazing day. Each day I am gaining a little more understanding of the Haitian culture. Today started with the church service at Morning Star Church. The service had an everlasting impact on me. Watching the Haitians walk around with hands high in the air praising God and giving him all the glory was very moving. The expressive movements as they walked up and down the pews or chairs displayed a love for God like nothing I had ever seen before. At times I could not understand the words of the songs or of the sermon that was being preached but that didn’t matter because His love for us and his promises are a universal language. You could feel His presences in that church this morning. The sermon spoke to my heart this morning as I feel a called to take my spiritual journey to the next level.

The next stop on our trip would be to visit Einstein Bowls. This was a place where they made bowls and platters out of wood. The work was exquisite. We all took our turns picking out our favorites to take back home for a memory.
The next stop would be a tough one for me. Visiting the general hospital was heartbreaking. While I understand that they might not have the resources that we have in the states, but seeing the state of the hospital and the sick children broke my heart. I only wish I could have done more than just pass out water to each bed. But I have to be thankful that God has provided this place for them to go for help even if it is not to the standard that I know a hospital to be.  It was a true education learning about the process that the Haitians have to go to receive this care.

The last stop in our day will turn out to be one of my most memorable. LaLoo Orphanage was a very nice place to visit. We brought crafts and a ball to play with the children. The smiles brought so much joy to our team. I had the pleasure of meeting a five year old boy named ThomasDavid (spelling it just how it sounded). He was precious and hung on to me the whole time but I will admit I think I held on to him just as tight. As I held him I softly ran my fingers over his face and eyes much like I would my own child. He was so relaxed and I could tell he and I were both enjoying the moment. I will never forget that little boy. Oh and I have to add Tina and I both had our hair done by the children. You had never seen such beautiful braids and twists done. It was so awesome!

For supper we ate at Pizza Amour, a familiar comfort food that brought that brought the team together for some good conversations and laughs. A business started by a mission family that felt called to bring a special restaurant to Haiti. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was most welcoming.

Overall I would call this day a joyous one. It was filled with prayers from a morning service, tears of heartache at the hospital, smiles of the children of the orphanage and ending with pizza that reminded us of home. You can’t beat that for a day in Haiti. J  

By, Melissa
Photos of today will  be posted tomorrow...

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