Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 3 - Water Truck - Bell / Alamco Team Wed. 5/13/15

Today we visited the Cite Soleil to deliver water to the poorest of the poor in Haiti. The day started out at the watering station, we waited while the truck owned by healing Haiti sat in a line of other water trucks waiting to be filled. The trucks hold 3500 gallons of water so it does take some time to fill them up. Then off we went on a short drive to the separation point where the Haitians don’t even want to go. The UN has a station post on the edge of the city to keep the gang and violence from spreading to the rest of the city, the first time I have seen any presence of the police force.

                When we arrived at our first stop the first thing you see besides the garbage and tin shacks is the children. As soon as they see the tap-tap they run up and with big smiles and want us to pick them up. Without hesitation we pick them up and they hug you and just want love, and to be held. Some kids are wearing no clothes, all of them have no shoes and they are running around in sewage and broken glass.

                As soon as the water truck pulls up people come from all directions with buckets and anything that will hold water, then they line up and the water just continues to flow filling bucket after bucket till it is run dry. As the buckets are being filled the push the full ones off to the side and the women ask for help to put them atop their heads and we carry any buckets that we can as far as we can without leaving site of the tap-tap. We are told not to go too far because it is not safe and you could see why but honestly I didn’t feel in danger at any time. I think the love of the children makes you feel safe and protected.

                After the water ran out they showed us the building site (garbage dump) where they were building the future church/school for the people of that part of the city. It is amazing to see some sort of progress for the people. Then they did a lil song and dance with the kids and we all loved to see the smiles and joy of all the children.
By Austin

                We stopped at Elder’s school.  It was a joy to see all the kids learning English and Spanish, we chatted with them for a bit and got to see what they were learning. The teachers were a joy to chat with as well; it’s great to see that other people are helping the Haitians learn more than one language. We joked and laugh with them and it was sad to leave them.

                For are second trip for the water truck we stopped at a near location where we stopped at the first location, it was great to see all the kids. We were all overwhelmed and excited to be serving and helping them. Seeing smiles and hearing laughter was a joy, I couldn’t believe in my life I would be here in Haiti. God put us all here in this situation to help out. Helping bring water to the Haitians put a smile on my face and wished I could do more.

                While were we delivering water we seen the struggle that these people were in. It definitely hit us all. It makes you feel so special helping them but at the same time sad. The kids were great!! They wanted to be held and loved, just bringing them joy lit up everybody’s heart. Finally it was time to go which none of us wanted to but we had more of God’s work to do.

                After the water trucks jobs we went back to the house to reflect on what we had seen and experienced. We took a little time for ourselves to go swimming, chat. We all had so much to say and express. We huddled around in chairs had the word of the day after swimming. Everyone was feeling all types of emotions and exhausted as well but it was great to hear what everyone had to say just brought us closer together. We enjoyed the rest of the night by relaxing and chatting, getting to know each other better and talk about are lives. We all had our own words to express but mine was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect but once we got to are work I felt like God was there with us all and helping us. It took me a minute to bring it all in but once I did I enjoyed every second of it. I hope whoever is reading this prays for us and Haiti and maybe thinks about doing a mission one day because it’s a great experience!  We are only on day three and I cannot wait to experience more of Haiti with these wonderful people I’ve got to know.  AMEN

By Hernan

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